Haishen Horse Oil

Kitaguni Horse Oil

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Haishen horse oil

Opening a new chapter for beauty products

Sea cucumber ceramides and horse oil moisturize the skin, penetrating into the skin's keratin layer. This Kitaguni Horse Oil is blended with nano-powderized sea cucumber harvested from the waters off the Shakotan Peninsula in Hokkaido.

Collagen, ceramides, proteoglycan, and other substances occurring naturally in sea cucumbers-referred to as the ginseng of the sea-help to bring greater levels of resilience and moisture to your skin.

Product name:Haishen Horse Oil 30g
Retail name:HS Marine Oil 30
Full list of ingredients:Horse oil, sea cucumber, vitamin E

Usage instructions

Haishen Horse Oil is made entirely from natural ingredients. The black grains in the oil is sea cucumber powder. Developing the oil on your hands before gently applying it to your face without rubbing it in helps ensure that the sea cucumber collagen penetrates the keratin layer of your skin.

While the melting point of ordinary horse oil is 28°C, the addition of sea cucumber powder means that the melting point of Haishen Horse Oil is even lower. Haishen Horse Oil begins to melt at approximately 20°C, so we recommend that it be stored it in a dark, cool place.