Brand vision

We provide safe and reliable "Hokkaido" brand products and services. Blessed with a rich natural environment, Hokkaido is a veritable cornucopia of agricultural and livestock products.

One example of these products is horse oil, which has been used as a folk remedy since ancient times.
Our fascination with the long history of the relationship between horses and people and local horse-related products was what led the founder of Hokkaido Select to establish the company in 2014.

Hokkaido Select
Address:3-13, Tsukisamunishi 1 Jo 10 Chome, Toyohira-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan
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■ Sep 26, 2019
The Eslite Spectrum in Taiwan in 2019: "A Hokkaido Anthology, Carefully Selected"

Since its start as the Eslite Bookstore in 1989, the Eslite Spectrum has expanded its business to areas such as commercial facilities and hotels. Presently, it is an enterprise that has 43 stores in Taiwan and 5 stores overseas. It has received a lot of attention from both within and outside of Taiwan for its unique style of offering products as the "transmission point of Taiwanese culture," which it has maintained since its founding.

Now, the Eslite Spectrum in Taiwan will hold its first event focusing on Hokkaido foods and general merchandise. Test marketing of even "Kitagunibayu" will be carried out until December.

The "Eslite Spectrum Edition" makes its first appearance! Various types of carefully selected Japanese "heights of craftsmanship" will come to Taiwan.

■ May 8, 2019
Kitaguni horse oil limited sale in Singapore

Between April 8 and June 9, 2019
At Tokyu Hands ORCHARD STORE store in Singapore.
The event "Hokkaido White Luxury" was held.
We also sold our product "Kitaguni horse oil".